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CTS NewLine. Container trailer with French tailboard, conical loading box and the possibility for grass sides.
CTS NewLine is a model series with newly developed doubly safe French tailboards, a new bogie system and the possibility of buying grass sides, hydraulic suspension drag and platform in the front. The CTS NewLine series can be delivered in model sizes from 16 to 24 tonnes, which a capacity of 23 to 30 m3 with grain sides.

CTS trailers are equipped with a hydraulic support stud, two panes on the front end, a fertilizer spout in the tailboard and an inside step and outside ladder on the front of the loading box, as standard. All Baastrup trailers’ surfaces are treated according to ISO 944-6 Class C3, which includes 100% sandblasting before lacquering with two-component ship paint.

The largest model in the CTS NewLine series, as standard, has two steerable axles and can be mounted with 26.5” wheels. The new series can be delivered with rolling tarps, hydraulic suspension drag and larger tyres. Extra grass sides with front boards can be mounted so that the maximum capacity is increased to 31m3 44m3.

Our CTS Container Trailer has also undergone constant development so that today it lives up to our customers’ wish to have a lower total height, more powerful brake systems and a large number of options that give the customer the flexibility he wants.


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