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ETS NewLine. Contractor and industry trailers with rear tipping part and three-way tipping.

ETS NewLine is a model series of contractor and industry trailers with reduced weight and increased functionality of the loading box, a new bogie system and the possibility for purchasing hydraulic suspension drag and hydraulically adjustable pull height and the possibility for grain sides on rear-tipping models. There is a hydraulic tailgate on all models. Four models of the ETS NewLine series can be delivered in sizes from 12 to 20 tonnes with rear tipping and two models in sizes 12 and 16 tonnes with three-way tipping.

ETS trailers have, as the standard, a hydraulic support stud and a hydraulic tailboard, which, when opened, lie flush with the bottom and extend unloading. The loading box of the ETS rear-tipping model is made of Hardox 450 material and it has a half-pipe profile. The loading box is conical and ensures that sticky soil glides off the floor more easily. The loading box on the three-way tipping model is fully welded and completely smooth inside. All Baastrup trailers’ surfaces are treated according to ISO 944-6 Class C3, which includes 100% sandblasting before lacquering with two-component ship paint. Larger tyres can be delivered as extra equipment.

All ETS rear-tipping trailers can be supplied with grain sides, which increase the capacity. ETS NewLine is a strong dump trailer that complies with the future TEMPO 40 requirements.


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