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Baastrup Vognen (Baastrup Machinery Factory)

Baastrup Vognen is Denmark’s largest producer of agricultural trailers.

Baastrup Vognen (Baastrup Machinery Factory) is more than 100 years old, and throughout all of these years we have striven to be among the best on the market at developing products that meet the demands of the times and the special needs of our customers.

Baastrup Vognen’s products are constantly undergoing development so that we always supply trailers of the highest quality at reasonable prices.

Baastrup Vognen offers customers problem-free cooperation, also after delivery of the trailer.

Baastrup Vognen has its own preparation centre in Hedensted, where all trailers are check before delivery to the customer. Baastrup Vognen also has a spare parts warehouse and service department in Hedensted.

Baastrup Vognen is Denmark’s largest producer of agricultural trailers

Baastrup Vognen is one of the leading suppliers of agricultural trailers on the market.

Since the beginning of the 70s, Baastrup Vognen has been a trendsetter within agriculture by constantly developing different trailers that meet the requirements of our customers.

Baastrup Vognen will also continuously improve and further develop ourselves and our products so that we can fulfil our customers’ wishes and requirements at any given time, while complying with applicable Danish legislation. The trailers can be delivered in a delightful warm red colour, but can be delivered in customer-specific colours by agreement, but at a slightly higher price.

Baastrup Vognen is part of Novatech Group, which primarily deals with the production of transport equipment for the maritime shipping industry and ports.

Baastrup Vognen is always ready to provide technical guidance, consulting and setting competitive prices on the phone. Contact Baastrup – you won’t regret it!

We offer problem-free cooperation, also after the purchase of a trailer.


Baastrup Vognen and Novatech

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