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CTS 18 Ton NewLine


CTS 18 Ton NewLine

Container Trailer with French tailboard, conical loading box and the possibility for grass sides


CTS 18 Ton NewLine
Load capacity (kg) 18.000
Loading space (lxwxh) m 6,75 x 2,25 x 1,7
Capacity (m³) Ca. 26
Axles/rotating/brakes 2/0/2
Hydraulic tailboard Standard
Total height standard (m) 3,07
Wheel mounting standard 620/50 R 22,5
Hydraulic support stud Standard
Capacity with grass sides m³ Ca. 37
Extra equipment, such as grass sides, 70 cm including net front board; rolling tarp; extra wheel mounting possible, 26.5” wheel Ask the machine dealer about the price


1. Fixed tilting bogie
2. Adjustable pull height
3. Tyre size 620/50 R 22.5
4. LED light
5. Hydraulic brakes
6. Plate thickness floor 4 mm
7. Pane in front board
8. Fertilizer spout in the tailboard

9. Mechanical lock on the tailboard
10. Ladders outside/inside
11. Measurements of the inside of the loading box 1700x6750x2250 mm
12. Total height with standard tyres without grain sides 3070 mm
13. Hydraulic support stud

The trailer is equipped with a hydraulic French tailboard that can tilt 90 cm up over the loading box so that the back end is completely free. Tip angle 48° optimizes unloading.

The tailboard is run by two double-acting cylinders that are connected to two mechanical hooks, as well as two guides at the bottom of the tailboard. The tailboard is locked mechanically and hydraulically.

A statutory lighting system & bumper are mounted. Diode lights. A fertilizer spout is mounted in the tailboard. Ready for registration to licence plate.

Large brakes can meet future brake requirements.

The loading box is conical and completely smooth on the inside, with a 45-degree transition between the sides and the bottom, which ensures easy unloading. No crossing supports in the loading box.


1. Alternative tyres (ask/see the price list)
2. Platform
3. Grass side kit
4. Special colour for a higher price, longer delivery time
5. Total height with standard tyres without grain sides 3770 mm
6. Net front board grass side set
7. Height of the grass sides 700 mm
8. Spring-supported drawbar

Wheel alternatives.

The trailer can be equipped with an extra set of sides for transporting grass and maize. These are available with a height of 70 cm. Capacity approx. 32.5 m3.

Tyre size here 620/55 R 26.5.

Spring-supported drawbar as an option.

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