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BTS 18 Ton NewLine


BTS 18 Ton NewLine


BTS 18 Ton
Load capacity (kg) 18.000
Loading space (lxwxh) m 6,5 x 2,45 x 0,85 + 0,75
Capacity (m³) Ca. 13,5
Axles/rotating/brakes 2/0/2
Hydraulic tailboard Standard
Total height standard (m) 2,15 + 0,85 (w. STD wheel 425/65 R 22,5)
Wheel mounting standard 425/65 R 22,5
Hydraulic support stud Standard
Capacity with grass sides m³ Ca. 25,5
Additional equipment such as rolling tarp; extra wheel mounting.


1. Fixed tilting bogie
2. Grain side set
3. Adjustable pull height
5. Tyre size 425/65 R 22.5
6. LED light
7. Hydraulic brakes
8. Plate thickness floor 4 mm

9. Pane in front board
10. Fertilizer spout in the tailboard
11. Total height with standard tyres with grain sides 3050 mm
12. Height of the grain sides 750 mm
13. Hydraulic support stud
14. Measurements of the inside of the loading box 6500x2450x850 + 750 mm

Removable grain sides. The bottom part of the loading box is 85 cm high and the grain sides are 75 cm high.

Hydraulic support stud.


The trailer is mounted with a bogie with brakes on both axles.

The loading box is built as a loading box with fully welded floor sides and a profiled 45-degree transition from the bottom to the sides.

Longitudinal sides are shared with two powerful profile posts.

Hydraulic tailboard with double-action cylinder.


1. Alternative tyres
2. Special colour for a higher price, longer delivery time
3. Total height with tyres 26″with grain sides 3180 mm

Tyre mounting here 600/50 R 22.5.

Statutory LED lighting system is installed. LED light and spout in the tailboard are extra equipment.

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