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ETS 3W 12 Tonne NewLine


ETS 3W 12 Tonne NewLine


ETS 3W 12 Tonne NewLine
Load capacity (kg) 12.000
Loading space (lxwxh) m 4,8 x 2,4 x 0,7
Capacity (m³) Ca. 8
Axles/rotating/brakes 2/0/2
Hydraulic tailboard Standard
Total height standard (m) 2,04
Wheel mounting standard 385/65 R 22,5
Hydraulic support stud Standard
Extra equipment, such as hydraulic suspension drag; alternative wheel mounting is possible

Standard equipment

1. Justerbar draghöjd
1. Adjustable pull height
2. Fixed tilting bogie
3. Tyre size 385/65 R 22.5
4. LED light
5. Hydraulic brakes
6. The plate thickness of the floor is 5 mm in Hardox 450
7. Hydraulic lock on the tailboard

8. Measurements of the inside of the loading box 700x4800x2400 mm
9. Total height with standard tyres 2040 mm
10. Hydraulic support stud
11. Top-hinged sides with projection

Tyre mounting 385/65 x R 22.5.

Cardan-hinged cylinder with six LEDs. Three-way tipping; the brackets are with lorry parts.

The trailer is mounted with a bogie and brakes on both axles.

5 mm plate bottom with fixed corner posts. The sides are split in the middle and are made as profile-bent 4 mm plates.

Hydraulic tailboard, turnable hitch eye lock, statutory LED lighting and ready for registration in accordance with TEMPO 40.

Extra equipment

1. Alternative tyres
2. Hydraulically suspended drawbar
3. Hydraulically adjustable pull height
4. Special colour for a higher price, longer delivery time

Hydraulic support stud. Suspension drag. Extra equipment.

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